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2020 : A year to build triple positive impact in Poland


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At Nhood, all our decisions are driven by the triple positive impact people-planet-profit !

Today, we’re proud of Nhood Poland team that share their actions in the report "Responsible Affairs in Poland 2020. Good Practices" published last week by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu

By trying and acting, we're participating to create better places and a better world.

Here are the action driven in 2020 in Poland 

A better place for the people

The "Safe Shopping" informational campaign at Auchan Shopping Centers

Along with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nhood Poland closely followed the changing regulations regarding the industry and conducted an active informational campaign targeting customers of shopping centers and malls owned by the company. The campaign’s goals have included the following: providing reliable and up-to-date information on the principles of operation of shops, restaurants, cafes and service points in commercial facilities; building awareness that shopping centers and malls managed by the company are convenient and safe places for shopping; shaping the habits of safe shopping; covering nose and mouth, keeping distance from other buyers, disinfecting hands before starting shopping. 
To communicate the above content, the company used websites, profiles of shopping centers and shopping malls on Facebook, and the Oshopping lifestyle blog. The most important information related to the safety of shopping was also communicated by the company by means of numerous posters in shopping malls.

The #goodneighbour supports local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as part of the #goodneighbour campaign, Nhood Poland supported medical and care facilities as well as local initiatives throughout the country. In total, the company carried out over 20 such campaigns. Among the institutions which received help were municipal and communal social welfare centers, rehabilitation and assistance centers for the disabled, social assistance homes, as well as local "Visible Hand" initiatives. 
Auchan Shopping Centers in Gdańsk, Rumia, Bielany Wrocławskie and Piaseczno also encouraged their customers to participate in fundraisers taking place as part of the #goodneighbour campaign. In Pomorze, visitors could donate essential items to the Saint Pio Hospice in Puck, while the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center collected donations for the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Kobierzyce. The Auchan Piaseczno Shopping Center in cooperation with the Piaseczno City Council organized the "Donate a laptop to needy children” campaign, supplying students from Piaseczno from families with many children or those with the lowest incomes with laptops.

The #goodneighbour campaign for the benefit of health and fitness during the pandemic

Ceetrus Poland during the coronavirus pandemic offered its customers online events to promote physical activity. Even a little movement is extremely important, especially when physical effort has been reduced to a minimum.
Auchan Shopping Centers in Mikołów, Gliwice and Częstochowa on their profiles on Facebook posted videos with simple training sessions. The specialists of the Fascia Functional Rehabilitation Center from Bielsko-Biała showed sets of exercises that everyone can do at home. The "Zdrowo na sportowo" series included exercises addressed especially to people who spend many hours in front of their computers. These exercises strengthen the muscles and allow to alleviate discomfort caused by many hours of work at the computer. The Auchan Shopping Center also invited Port Rumia to exercise together online. On the shopping mall’s profile on Facebook, The Rumia Exercising Academy suggested how work out and strengthen your muscles. 
In May and December, a series of yoga training sessions could be found on the profiles of Auchan Shopping Centers. Regularly published videos, prepared in cooperation with Diana Sochacka, an instructor at the Gdańsk Yoga Center, helped training participants to get back into shape and relax. In total, 10 videos of 15-minute yoga workouts were released on social media. 

Nhood supports the "Pies w koronie” (“Dogs in the Corona”) campaign 

Nhood Poland and shopping centers managed by the company supported the social campaign “Pies w koronie” On the social media of shopping centers and malls, information was posted on how to join the group supporting the owners of the dogs during pandemic and how to ask for help. The #Oshopping lifestyle blog also published a tutorial on dog walks and the activities of the "Pies w koronie" group. In this way, Nhood Poland promoted the campaign and helped people who are in quarantine or isolation.
The "Pies w koronie” initiative is a support group for pet owners who are in isolation or in quarantine related to the coronavirus epidemic. The group brings together pet owners who offer their help and connects them with those who need such support because they cannot leave their home. 

Audit of the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool as part of the Global Compact Network Poland program "Equal Opportunities in Business"

In December 2020, Nhood Poland had undergone the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool audit as part of the Global Compact Network Poland "Equal Opportunities in Business" program.
The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the "Company Code of Conduct" and the work regulations. The Code contains important provisions which support diversity and strictly address all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex, age, religion, origin or beliefs, both in the recruitment process and at every stage of an employee's professional development.
The company is distinguished from others by the fact that both the position of the general director and most of the managerial positions are occupied by women. The HR management policy at Nhood assumes the pursuit of equal proportions in the employment of women and men. Currently, women constitute 64 percent of employees and men, 36 percent. 

Charity boxes in shopping malls and galleries owned by Nhood Poland

Customers of eighteen centers and shopping malls managed by Nhood Poland can easily and safely make a donation to a selected public benefit foundation. The "Charity Box" project uses the consumer-friendly Donateo platform. The solution guides the user in an intuitive and simple way through the process of donating to a selected foundation. The small devices operate on a similar principle as ticket machines and allow to make a donation to a selected public benefit organization, providing e.g., help for children, family and social assistance, health protection, and protection of the environment. The aim of the Charity Box campaign is to integrate and engage local communities. The devices are available to customers during the working hours of the facilities. 
The Charity Box initiative will facilitate charity activities for all those who decide to donate to a selected social benefit organization. Thanks to the boxes, our customers can support a selected organization at any time, without waiting for a meeting with a volunteer. 


Cooperation with foundations

Nhood also supports the activities of two foundations – Mam Marzenie and Po Drugie. As part of cooperation with the “Mam Marzenie” foundation, Nhood employees help to fulfil the dreams of children suffering from serious diseases. In 2020, the company made the dreams of five children come true. The children, who struggle with serious illnesses, received dream laptops and telephones facilitating contact with their loved ones and helping to forget about everyday worries, as well as dream toys. Among the dreams fulfilled in 2020, one particularly stood out – seven-year-old Justyna applied to the foundation because she wanted a dog. Having a pet at home gives the girl a lot of joy and makes it easier to fight her illness. Nhood also regularly supports the "Po Drugie" foundation, which helps young people in difficult life situations. 

A better place for the planet

The educational campaign "Explore the World of Bees"

Several Auchan Shopping Centers owned by Nhood Poland hosted the "World of Bees” educational campaign. The campaign aimed to draw the attention of customers to the need to protect bees and the environment. The project combined activities in the space of shopping centers with communication in social media. A thematic exhibition could be seen in the shopping arcades of twelve shopping malls. Thanks to educational boards, visitors could learn to recognize insects and find out more about them, as well as learn how to create a bee-friendly place in their garden or on the balcony. Four videos on the subject of bee protection were posted on the Facebook profiles of shopping centers. Viewers learned about the life of bees, how to design an insect-friendly balcony and garden, about the work of a beekeeper, and how to make bee houses and drinkers.
To reach a wide audience, online channels were used during the campaign.


Social consultations – The Wilanów Park 

At the end of September 2020, a series of meetings with local communities entitled "Neighbours’ Talks” began. During 9 meetings, the local community, social organizations and local government officials discussed the expectations related to the new urban park which is to be built in Warsaw's Wilanów, as part of the Wilanów Park investment planned by Nhood Poland. The "Neighbours’ Talks" was accompanied by an online poll in which several hundred votes were cast. It was a Nhood initiative that stood out on the market, fitting in with the idea of participatory design. 
Based on the conclusions of "Neighbours’ Talks", guidelines were drawn up for the contest for the development of an architectural concept of a two-hectare city park, which is part of the mixed-use investment Wilanów Park planned by the company. The contest was announced on November 16, 2020, and its conclusion is scheduled for spring 2021. The event is organized jointly with the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects SARP, and a winner will be chosen in the spring of 2021.

Biodiversity in the areas around shopping centers and malls

In shopping centers and malls holding or applying for the BREEAM-In-Use certificate, Nhood, in cooperation with environmentalists, conducted an audit at 8 of its facilities. In five of them, the recommendations from the environmentalist’s report have already been successfully implemented. The Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Center, the Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Center, Galeria Bronowice, the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center, and Galeria Łomianki have been certified. Works at the Auchan Bydgoszcz Shopping Center and the Port of Rumia in Pomerania are at an advanced stage. 
Nhood Poland plants various species of shrubs, grasses and trees in the areas surrounding its commercial facilities, which can be used by birds during migration, and creates meadows. The company also installs hotels for bees. They can be found in facilities in Gdańsk, Rumia and Białystok. Additionally, beehives with bees were set up in the vicinity of Galeria Bronowice and a rain garden was built. Booths for swifts have been installed on the facade of the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center near Wrocław. Nhood Poland promotes sustainable transport in its facilities. Most of the centers and shopping malls have bicycle shelters and self-service bicycle repair stations. 
The effectiveness of Nhood activities is confirmed by BREEAM In-Use certificates held by Galeria Bronowice in Cracow, Galeria Łomianki, the Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Center, the Auchan Hetmańska Shopping Center and the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center.

Energy efficiency

For many years, Nhood Poland has been closely monitoring the level of energy consumed in its shopping centers and malls. Recorded data is reported and thoroughly analysed. Based on the conclusions, the company takes appropriate measures to ensure the energy efficiency of the facilities. 
Thanks to the activities carried out in 2020, significant savings in energy consumption were recorded in shopping centers and malls compared to 2019: a reduction in energy consumption (electricity and gas) by 17.2%, a reduction of electricity consumption by 20.8%, and water consumption was reduced by 18%. 

Sustainable Transport – electric car chargers

Nhood supports the development of green transport. Most shopping centers include bicycle shelters and self-service bicycle repair stations. Customers visiting Galeria Bronowice, the Auchan Bielany Shopping Center and the Auchan Legnica Shopping Center can use city bike stations. After teaming up with GreenWay in 2020, customers of eighteen Auchan Shopping Centers can use electric car chargers.

A better place for profit

Supporting the circular economy

Nhood Poland is aware of the fact that our daily choices have an impact on the climate, and one of the directions of activities that may reduce environmental pollution is the introduction of the principles of the circular economy. One of those rules is to repair everyday items instead of buying new items. In every commercial facility belonging to Nhood Poland, there are service points enabling the repair and renovation of everyday objects. 
In each of the 24 commercial facilities belonging to Nhood Poland, customers can use service points which enable the repair of footwear, mobile phones and electronic equipment. There are laundries in shopping centers and malls, and in some locations also tailor shops. Bicycle shelters can be found in front of most Nhood commercial buildings, and next to them, self-service stations for vehicle repair. 
Thanks to the presence of service points in shopping centers and malls, Nhood Poland supports the idea of a circular economy and contributes to popularizing the 4R principle among customers, i.e., Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle.